Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yesterday was busy. I had to meet the contractor over at the house. Don't know WHY! I had to approve of a deck change. The septic tank needs its own space and blah blah blah. I don't know why he just won't let Paul make the approvals. But, got the door of my dreams, picked out the space for the doggy door, and if I want a step for the dogs out of the house ( of course I do. no, I want them to jump) , picked the lights for the porch. I am very disappointed. I wanted a 20 x 20 deck. My sis and brother in law talked me into a something by something. Said 20 x 2o was too big. Now, its too small. WHY do I talk to people?

Left Canfield and went to Struthers. I ALMOST did a drive by 'just to see '.. but I didn't. Went shopping ( I am going to miss that store when I leave Boardman)  at my favorite IGA, then  took a drive around the south side. Souf side, as the jungle natives refer to it. I feel safer doing it in the daylight, but I love the RUSH doing it at night. But, with the rash of burglaries in my development, most of my nights are spent protecting my homestead.

Changed the bed , ran the sweeper and became a TV veg. This morning I made peppers and garlic in sauce, got a  massage, an adjustment and went to the farm market for peaches. Making a peach  cobbler this weekend.

Waiting patiently to change my address...

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