Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to some commonly used calendars (esp. in the US), it is the third day of the week. According to international standard ISO 8601, however, it is the second day of the week.

Ten Thought Tuesday!


1.   Up all night again with Casey. Then to her vet appointment at 8 am. They kept her for a couple of hours. Her pooper wasn’t pooping. So they gave her an enema and IV for dehydration, and did more x-rays, sent out a stool sample, did blood work to make sure she didn’t have any cancer, but especially pancreatic cancer. Left her there, came home and cleaned up for the Chiro office, went there, grocery shopping, Dollar General then picked her up. 500 smackers for all that. The 3 of them have to go on the 5th of August for all of their shots. 445 will be the total for that day. Seriously, does dog insurance cover that? I may consider…

2. When you first walk into Giant Eagle, it smells just like Ralphs.

3. My BOSE radio arrives today!!!!! It’ll stay packed til I get over there, but I am so excited to buy one. Ever since I saw Mrs. G had one, I had to have one!!

4. Backsplash shopping tomorrow. Needs to be up by the weekend. At the end of the month the dishwasher and microwave are installed. We got a LOT of free gas with Home Depot cards, buying them at Giant Eagle. I love perks.

5. Next week before my Chiro appt, I am having a massage done. A buck a minute. I bought a half an hour. I really really could use a good rub down!!

6. Today is my Briana’s birthday. 22. Where the hell did THAT time go? I asked her if she was getting a ring for her birthday. She said she doesn’t want to get engaged without all of the family being there.  So, that leaves out ANYTHING til after the first of the year. She can’t take time off at the holidays because The Heat plays then. I just adore her and Josh. He treats her like GOLD…as she should be.

7.  I should get out and fill the feeders before it rains today.

8.  Nah, too lazy. I bought a pepperoni roll the other night and didn’t’ eat it. They can have that.

9. Omgoodness, I have 3 bridal showers coming up. I am thinking unique bed quilts would be great gifts. Although, they tell us El Nino is going to make this a warm winter. We’ll see.

10.           Looks like my Donald Trump is turning out to be not a big of a dick as they were calling him. When he made the illegal comment I knew he was the man for We The People. I mentioned it on Facebook and got ‘unfriended’ by 3 people. My thought… screw you. Then decided to ‘unfriend’ everyone that I do not know personally. So far today 10. Proud of myself.






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