Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ten Thought Tuesday.. Okay, I  Know, Its Wednesday
  1. I was in a mood yesterday, so I couldn't do much blogging.
  2. I messed this one up already,  I hope it turns out alright.
  3. Went to bed early last night, but woke up in the middle of the night with a heartache. No, no heart attack, just missing someone.
  4. Today was so beautiful outside. THIS would be a perfect summer day.
  5. Dogs at the groomers, so I got so much done around the house ... and yard.
  6. I can't wait til everything is through at the other ho use. I think being married and sleeping alone is taking its toll, and hurting my heart.
  7. Did you ever wonder how someone was, but were afraid to ask.
  8. Chiropractor was AMAZING  today. My best days of the week.
  9. I miss my niece. I don't handle change very well.
  10. Dinner with Paul and my sis and brother in law and brother tomorrow night. Uptown Pizza. Havent had that  since JJ and I went a LONG time ago.

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