Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ten Thought Tuesday on a Wednesday Night

  1. Finally finished buying the appliances for Western Reserve. I got a little surprise 'windfall'  Monday, so I decided to finish buying everything. I am beyond excited.  And, although Annawan is paying for the remodel, I feel good contributing to the purchasing of the some of the major things. 
  2. Paul and I were doing some paint picking out for the house. We FINALLY agreed on a cocoa brown with cream trim. Geeze that was quite a chore there. 
  3. Medicare started today. Lets see how my health care gets messed up from here!! 
  4. Seriously ... I hope Trump gets the nominee vote this fall.  I have to update  my info with the courts. I am NOT missing this one. 
  5. I was saddened the other day to find out that a dear friend of mine passed away the other morning. Nothrice was one of my dearest friends. I was so glad that she got to meet Paul a couple weeks ago. She and I were so close in school, and we prayed where ever we are. We were at Aldi's when we saw her and she prayed for / with Paul and I before we said goodbye. 
  6. Also saw that someone I know OF but do not KNOW, is very sick. Seems like this problem has been actually good for her husband and her. I hope. I hope all the time that he could be a different person and be a true, caring and loving husband. Seems from afar, this is good for ''them''. I am proud of him for stepping up. 
  7. 2 homes broken into at the corner last week. The night before last  the dogs were CRAZY , so I called the Police. I got up to see what the   deal was and this guy was walking down Annawan Lane. I was scared to DEATH.  Fortunately they sent TWO cruisers and each came from a different direction. They cuffed him and threw him in the back of one of the cars. Good Job to my kiddos!! BRAVO!
  8. Chiropractor tomorrow. Yay!! 
  9. Things went more smoothly than I anticipated at the signing  off on the house. I really expected a fight. BUT... the check hasn't arrived yet. So I am not breathing easy just yet!!
  10. TEN! Time for some Modern Family and cuddle time with 'the kids'. 

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