Monday, July 20, 2015


So, we receive a certified letter today saying that  my mom's cousin passed away. He left his Henderson NV condo to my mom. Well, that is weird. He doesn't have any children, and his wife passed away suddenly just before my mom did in the  winter. So, technically , the condo gets passed down to the three of US! It was paid for so   it wouldn't be too awful difficult to do this.  So, the 3 of us are thinking like crazy people. We could SELL it, and split the cash. We could rent it out, and have a vacation spot when we wanted, or we could find another living relative to offer it to free of charge.        Now the fun begins. One of us thinks buying two of us out and living there themselves would be good. We would all , always be welcome to visit. Another one says rent it out and have an income and this stick in the mud says, "I want nothing to do with this". My life is simple , and on track and the sale of MY house almost tore us apart and my family and our relationship means more to me than any freaking Condo in NV. Apparently we have cousins in Henderson AND Las Vegas, so... give it to them.

I always pick the wrong decisions any way, and I would sign away my part in a heartbeat. I hate the heat and have no desire to vacation there, live there or be a landlord there. So... pshhhhhhhh on that. Why couldn't it have been in Miami, where we could give it to Bri, or New York... Anywho, all it feels like to me is more financial BS. Leave it. Ugh.

This past weekend was HELL for me. I was out shopping and running some errands Saturday morning when all of a sudden I started to not feel so good. The humidity was killing me and it was  my wedding day all over again. Sweating like crazy, throwing up, shaking, couldn't walk .. so I took a bunch of Target bags to bed with me and was in bed until Sunday evening. Paul came over to bring  me some soup and take the trash to the curb. I asked him to go because I didn't want him to  catch whatever it was I had AGAIN. He stayed about an hour and then left. I went back to bed. I am feeling a little better today. My throat hurts and my body aches from being sick, but I got up and made some coffee and brought my pillow on the couch. Tomorrow I have  an appointment with the Chiro and with the massage lady, then the dogs go to the groomers and life, as I know it, goes back to normal.

Heading back to the couch to watch the tube til it starts raining, then taking the kids and heading to bed. 

Hope you had a productive Monday!!

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