Friday, July 31, 2015

Fry Day ...

I am EXHAUSTED tonight! I hope Volchie's don't come over tonight. I need sleep SOON! 

What a busy, exhausting day. Started out with my step son and I having breakfast this morning. He is a gem. Thank goodness. We talked for about an hour, then he had to get to work. 

Went over and picked up Paul to do some car shopping. Let me tell you, unloading an LV condo is much easier than a Boardman house! So now that THAT is over, its time to shop. We are looking at three different vehicles. Actually two. Paul is looking at 
a Sting Ray. I ... am not. I am not a fan, but whatever. My step son has a yellow one, Paul wants a black one. So, when I move into the house, there is PRESENTLY... a grey Malibu. A grey Camaro. A yellow Sting Ray. a 57 Thunderbird, being restored. a 49 Mercury, purple with white pearl ghost flames. a Service Pro yellow van. a 2010  s10 pickup. a 2013 Silverado and a piece of shit 05 broken down Camaro. All this in and around a 4 car garage!! Now, today I looked at :

An Acura. An Audi and a Traverse. I have already claimed a side of the garage so one of these will be parked in the single garage and everyone is saying "I don't want to give up MY spot in the garage". The Merc, the TBird and the S10 are smooshed into a space intended for two cars. Don't ask. I  am sure the stingray and the POSSIBLE stingray  will be in the double garage for the winter, but I am going to look into a storage unit for the non running cars, for the winter. So OUR cars we use  everyday will have a garage spot. OR, we have the contractor add another space when he is through with the house. Whew... how exciting this will be!!  
We should have just taken the condo and moved to NV!! 
Anywho, we spent the entire day in Pittsburgh  shopping. THAT is where I would really want to live!! 

We still havent been furniture shopping. UGH. I already have what I want picked out, but ...  I was thinking about maybe Levin's one more time. Next week. I am having breakfast with a friend tomorrow morning, then going to see about a new phone. Virgin Mobile sent me an email ( well, they have sent one out for the past 3 weeks with this promo) that customers that have been with them for over 3 years are now eligible for a samsung something smart phone with unlimited talk text and data ...whatever all that data stuff means, and the phone is 20 a month for 12 months and the plan is 35 a month. I think I'll check it out. 

Well, its getting late. I am bushed and my friends maybe stopping over this  evening. 
I'll do a Saturday Nine and a few rounds of Bejeweled then its Bedtime for Bonzo! Have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. 

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