Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday 13... 
  1. Missing my Briana like crazy today 
  2. Last night was totally uneventful. I am thankful for that, and for BPD to keep me at ease
  3. Not sure why I miss people so much in the middle of the n ight. I think I  miss this person because so much wasn't said, and  we had so much fun together.
  4. Date night with my husband ought to help. Dinner and some messing around...  not THAT, just putzing around maybe somewhere fun.
  5. I feel pretty good today.  This flu really kicked my arse. 
  6. Tomorrow, yard work on Western Reserve. We got so many plants for our wedding ( that was my request, perennials, so we could get our outside started ) that we are going to do them all tomorrow. Thankfully God provided  enough RAIN to keep them well watered, and some even growing hefty roots, while i was sick. 
  7. So happy the house is sold. Pete, not so  much. We really do look out for each other, and I know  he won't get that from the next people.  
  8. Took the wedding money and bought a nice carpet for the kitchen. I don't want my hardwood floors scraped up. 
  9. Also bought a bunch of jumbo towels  and bath rugs. 
  10. AND stocked up on smelly things from Bath and Body Works. Sorry guys, this is going to be a girls house too !!
  11. Have to get the computer into the shop.  Its almost too slow to blog and horribly slow to play Bejeweled Blitz!
  12. On the phone with my friend from CA for 2 hours this morning. I can't wait to go back for the wedding in October.
  13. Off to shower and wash off some of this HUMIDITY... and its only 1 o'clock! 

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