Tuesday, June 9, 2015


  1. License bought! Finally. Good thing the lady who was in charge was friends with neighbors in my neighborhood growing up. For some reason, my CA divorce papers weren't TOTALLY in order. She just looked at me and said "she's fine". Oh thank GOD!!!
  2. Picked out my wedding music and bought the sheet music... God Bless The Broken Road. Rascal Flatts.     Me and You. Kenny Chesney.    Its Your Love. Tim and Faith.     Valentine. Martina McBride.
  3. My Briana is having a hard time so far away from home. She cries every time we talk. Now she is a mess because she can't be in/at the wedding. Breaks my heart.
  4. I love love LOVE Sam's Club. Today, for under $15 a HUGE box of Strawberries. HUGE thing of blueberries. 2 huge raspberries 2 huge blackberries. 2 cantaloupe.  I'll be happy for a week!!
  5. Nothing is music to my ears MORE than hearing from an insurance company that couldn't find us to notify us that there are 2 inheritance checks that have not been claimed, for us. That'll help pay for that deck and SUV.
  7. I roasted 2 beautiful chickens the other day, cleaned them    and froze the carcasses. Roasted a bag of sweet potatoes and made 2 cans of lima and 2 cans of green beans. Processed that all together with a cup of chia seeds, a cup of coconut oil    and a 1/2 cup of turmeric. Dog dinner for the month!
  8. Hair cut and brow job and some highlights ... thought I would look good on Saturday. I have a huge crush on the groom ;)
  9. TOTALLY forgot ... I have a birthday this week!! oopsie! no big deal. I am too excited about something this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just know my parents would be so proud of Paul and I.    Before she passed away, she asked me to promise her I would make sure I don't die alone. Never imagined I would be with Paul again. I really thought it would have been JJ. Life... ya never know!

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