Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nervous, scared, bitchy, irritable, tired of THROWING UP every day!! Signing the papers for the house today. Selling it to the contractor then waiting for the fight over who exactly is entitled to the cash balance. Guess I better prepare to put some aside for an atty. Funny how there is ALWAYS someone who is more than glad to put the kabash on me no matter who and no matter where I get married. This one is worth the fight. Its not like they don't love HIM, the love of money is the problem here. After I sign the papers I will receive a total of less than 14k in cash and this person thinks they are entitled to it!!! smh. 

Dealt with the bs I was handed yesterday. Thanks to friends in the prosecutor's office  here and across the PA line, I will no longer be bothered by any concerned citizens ;) I've got friends in HIGH places, too!! 

Last night I bought take out from Antones. Took 6 bites and threw it all up. Seriously, the stress from the house/ my nieces/ my life.... is taking its toll. Nice for weight loss, but hopefully after today, ONE thing is over. God be with me today. 

Well, I should go get ready. I do want to say one thing to my ''connection'',  I hope that piece of paper you received this morning will show you that I am not playing! Yes, he is my ex, but no... I am not taking your advice. Yes, when you f*%k with me, I am not playing door mat anymore. Best 30 bucks I ever spent. Had to take a payday loan out to pay for it, but now you know how serious I am. 

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