Saturday, June 27, 2015

Its been rough trying to sleep tonight with my neighbors being broken into and the guy demanding money. I am trying to stay strong.

Every night I fall asleep to my old, OLD Kenny CD. I have been playing it since 2001!!! I fall out during the first song. But, if I don't, and Me and You comes on, I cry. I once loved a man that called my home phone while I was at work, and sang Me and You to me. Darn Country guys... I was always pretty COLDhearted, but if a guy sings to me, I was like butter on hot corn. AND if they sang country music... I was putty in their hands. AND IF THEY DANCED, and sang country music, and kissed  my neck.... and tickled the small of my back......  It was ALL OVER!! I love me a cowboy. Always have, always will.

Well, the doors are all locked, windows secured, phone on the bed stand and my eyelids are closing. Date night tomorrow night. Then a sleep over. I  won't be scared tomorrow. I could really use a night with my husband. We are going to have to do that more often. I wont be over there til August!!

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