Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I am very conservative and not ashamed to admit it. we have changed the meaning of so many words... courage, hero, deserve, bullying... we are now living in the parallel universe of political correctness... it is so very odd, i think... and for those of you who don't like my opinion because i appear to be "intolerant"- you are not permitting me to possess my own opinion... so who, really, is "intolerant"... Sometimes I think... when I open my mouth, my dad  comes out. But to be honest... if I sound like that wise man, I am proud. My family ... all of my uncles one aunt, served our co n y    ( orry   i need a new keyboard) country. Proud Americans. Proud, God serving men. 2 cousins. Upstanding Christian men that serve the Lord. So, when I am not 'down' with being afraid to offend anyone at anytime... get over it. 2 of my friends from Facebook have unfriended me because "i am sick of your biased fox news views. you are lead by the nose by bigots and homophobes.'' Adios. 

My second husband used to call me a prude because I didn't want to go to strip clubs, or meet the new neighbor woman, or 'hook up' when my best friend came to CA. Little did he know that I wear that like a badge of honor. I let down my Lord every day. Everyday without anyones knowledge. Yes, I told that girl across the road to  eff off one night, after her yelling ''how many guys do you have over there''. My ex, who I kissed goodbye. My brother, who I kissed goodbye, Volchko who I  hugged when he was leaving and then Paul again as he came back later on. I get angry, when people who don't know dick about me, judge me, or threaten me.  But I confess that to the Lord. Just because no one sees it, doesn't mean He doesn't. I actually stopped seeing someone because I was becoming very fond of them, and I was beginning to feel like a booty call.  Sleeping with him, although he did change so much about me, and it was very nice to be held, wanted ... etc, was wrong. I was ashamed to look at his family and I was 'called out', by  a slightly jealous  person in his life. I really wanted it to be different with him. He was amazing to me. But I couldn' t live with the guilt ...

So, if I don't get on the homosexual bandwagon, it doesn't mean I don't LOVE them. Caitlyn Jenner... dear God forgive where we are going. But I wouldn't 'bash' the person. Honestly, I don't even CARE if you think I am an idiot, or too harsh, or whatever! I am just as entitled to MY opinion, as you are to yours.  

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  1. You were all over the place here. First, there was no "runner up" to the ESPY award Jenner won. It was a radio host who made that up. Jenner is not "homosexual" buy transgender and if you don't know of big a difference that is think Christian - Muslim. Both worship a God. Are THEY the same? Lastly, you cannot say "bigotry" is an opinion. Your friends are right. Turn off Fox News and open up a bit. Listen to Jimmy Buffett's lyrics. Just my opinion...