Saturday, June 20, 2015

Every day. 1. 2. 3 sometime 4 times a day the phone rings. Marvin Smith please. No Marvin Smith here... I have explained at least 3 times, Marvin Smith WAS  my father in law, years ago. He lives in Woodland Hills CA, I live in Boardman OH. I haven't seen or heard from Mr Smith for eons. I couldn't even say he is still living!

Asked my ex if he had any contact with him. He sent me a message that I can't even say exactly WHAT he said to me. But continued to degrade me like he does so well. C%^t. Frump. Sagging C. Yep. Lovely guy.

3am this morning. The phone rings. Something happened to someone... HELLO?? ... ahhhhh Marvin Smith please. SERIOUSLY! Why? You are listed as his next of kin. ME? Then tell me why you are looking for him, how did you get my phone number, WHO ARE YOU? and again... Why!!!
"I'll try back later". NOOOOOO They call from a different number every time. Different area code, all hours of the day and night. I block every single number, to no avail. They still call. Day. Night. Morning. Evening. Weekday. Weekend. Marvin Smith please...

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