Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TTT A Day Late...

Ten Thought Tuesdays
1)  Today has been rough. A very dear friend of mine lost her husband yesterday of diabetic complications. He was 45. I can’t stop crying, and praying for people that I know with diabetic complications right now. Life is hard enough. Diabetes shouldn’t be.
2)  I have a friend who sends me a text every morning of a flower he encounters. He is a home health care worker for Hospice and takes pictures when he visits people’s homes. Yesterday he surprised me. He sent a picture of a yellow rose bud. He said “this is for you my sweet friend. I know you are having a bad day, and I know yellow roses are your favorite rose”. Friends.
3) Well its 4:28 and my washer repair man was supposed to be here between 1 and 5. I was going to grocery shop today. Perhaps tomorrow.
4)  Did you ever watch Catfish. I love when it turns out good. Mostly, its terrible how people lead others on. Just be honest. Like… are you married? Hahahaha. Perhaps YES would be the best answer when you are.
5)  Spikey LOVES running around the property on Western Reserve! We are going to have to save money for a bigger fence.
6) Washer guy here and gone! Nice… less than my deductible!! Not that it matters. My call makes me liable for that home warranty charge. But that is a PLUS for the buyer, and honestly, that is why I added it to the contract.
7) I miss my CA girls already. I wish I could have stayed forever. I will be in Canfield for a few years though. Paul would never move to CA, but FL is looking more and more real.
8)  My buddy Volch won’t be able to be at my wedding. No matter who I dated, post second marriage, Volch ALWAYs showed up wherever my dates were going to be to meet the guy and give his approval. Which, I should have been as selective as he was!!! J
9)  Two weeks Saturday, Bri leaves for Miami. I am heartbroken. This is going to be rough for me for quite awhile.
10)          Sheila will be home for  a month and leaving in June to go back to WVU for the summer. She works on campus, and has taken an extern job in an environmental science lab right outside Morgantown.
One thing… I wish I had last summer to do all over again. If I would have known that the last summer we spent together was going to be the last summer we would spend together, I would have spent more time with them. Today, my tears are flowing freely.



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