Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015
Welcome players of the New Thursday Thirteen! I hope you have the be in your be-bop today and that all is well with you.

Thursday 13 is easy! Just list 13 things. We don't care what you list or post. Put up vacation shots, dogs, sayings, quotes, books, your eccentric and wonderful thoughts - give us all of it! We love the variety.

  1. Need to take the  computer to Youngstown Computer. ugh.
  2. Almost wedding day!
  3. Washing my hands of family bullshit. Period.
  4. Spent the morning with Boardman Police. More family bull.
  5. I made a burger for dinner tonight. Something is going on with my sugar. No matter what  I eat, its still too low. 
  6. I need my 16.oo food assistance   soon!!! I'm a gettin hungry ;)
  7. I wish I could bring myself to go out and spray the yard. I have become so complacent lately.
  8. Meeting with the contractor Saturday to get his offer on buying this house. 
  9. Here's a secret... I am taking whatever he offers. 
  10. I am in serious need of another shower!! Second one today... I hate humidity.
  11. Did you ever have a dream so freakin real that when you woke up you couldn't even get a grip on the fact it was a dream? 
  12.  Had a dream about living in CA last night. Still worked at Guckenheimer, still married to #2, lived in Canoga Park but the Whittier house was where we lived, Spikey was still a baby. Beaches and picnics and my in laws still intact. Hahaha, wow was my first thought this morning. 
  13. Very sweet text from my cousins daughter this morning. I love hearing from the cousin's kids. Fact is, they barely know me, but we are close and keep in touch thanks to Facebook and my love of sending  cards to all of them. xo

Fun Fact for this date:

On May 28, 1923, the U.S. Attorney General said it was okay for women to wear pants anywhere they wanted. 

And we think we've come so far. Yikes.

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