Monday, May 11, 2015

Holy Moly Whatta Monday!

If I spent half the time at home that I spent at Home Depot .... sheesh. Went and ordered our new countertops, made a payment on the appliances, got the necessities to build a doggie ramp for Spikey, for  my bed, picked up a generic vacuum for the upstairs and got an air conditioner for Brenden's room. Omgosh. Somedays it feels like we go from morning til night time. Not so bad today because I am back home just in time for Judge Judy ;)  Tomorrow the garage gets cleaned out and I start setting up for my yard sale. Its not for a couple of weeks, but when I get the basics all set up, I will be then emptying the house. Brenden is coming after work to pick up some boxes to take to the house. The floor was supposed to go in last weekend, but 2 with the flu postponed that til this Saturday.

Started on a batch of sweet potato chews for the dogs, but I wish I would have waited til tomorrow. Its 86, and tomorrow its going to be 60.. always good at picking the wrong day!!

Got another text from whoever, out west. 2 changed numbers and a changed email address and this person still manages to track me down. I am just saving them to my email in case they get ... more constant. I told them I was going to report them to the Police AND to my ex. If anyone could make them stop, HE could.

I have 2 dogs with ear infections again. My vet bill is sometimes close to 300 a month. Between 2 dogs with epilepsy, blood tests for them, 2 with constant ear infections, tests for them, plus the cost of the medicines... I should have CHILDREN ;)   Nah, I love them and its always money well spent. Plus I take them to breakfast when they go to the doctors. Next week, its groomer time. I swear Casey rolls in any dead critter she can find!! ugh!!

Didn't get together with Becks today, but I did put an order in with a Mexican gal over on the South Side for 100 pork empanadas for the wedding. We'll serve 50... and freeze 50 ;)  love empanadas.

Bri called and asked if she could come and pick a couple of the crosses that I have for her new home. We are planning a family dinner over at Rachel's Roadhouse for a farewell dinner for her. Ugh, I wonder if this will ever get easy??

Well, I hear UPS in front of the house. I know what that is! Have a groovy day!!


  1. please contact me however you can (block your number and text me... create a ficticious email address and email me... message me on facebook)..I will STOP the person sending you BS IMMEDIATELY, regardless who it might be.
    I assure you I have no way of contacting you or getting your info, and I do not want it. I do not want to be blamed for anything so that is why I do not want it. I do check out GFJF every so often to make sure you are safe and well as Spikey. Regarding job losses, I have NOT LOST any job recently and that is very verifyable. I di leave a job months ago PER DOCTORS ORDERS (verifyable) and have been on disability since. (verifyable). Thank you.

    1. truly, you don't have to explain anything to me. just be more careful who you trust(ed). you are not being blamed for anything. your weakness, as is mine, is trusting people. sometimes people are just assholes, and don't deserve our trust. or our friendship. i have taken more drastic measures with this idiot, and hopefully that has worked. I am posting this so that they know, as I do, you WILL deal with it. I don't want to go that route, I don't want you to get in any trouble, and I know you will come to my defense.

      I will always let you know about Spikey, and I am glad to hear about you getting disability. such a relief. I am glad things are working out for you. just be careful, please. your women 'friends' are sometimes backstabbing liars ;) They are not all as wonderful as Spikey's momma. !! Thanks so much.