Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What a crazy day today has been. If you know me well, you know that my eyesight has been deteriorating for quite some time now. I am on my 3rd set of glasses since December. This morning when I went to the dermatologist it was sunny and bright outside. When I walked into the office, I was completely blind. I had to stand there with my eyes closed until I could get it back together again. I stopped at Aldis and had the same problem. When I finally got home I couldn’t see at all. I had to sit in my car until my vision returned. I guess its back to the optometrist as soon as possible.
Then I found out that the guy I let into my home Sunday afternoon to change my toilet and replace some faucets… was a sex offender and is on the offenders list. Let me tell you I felt like throwing up, knowing he was in my home for 2 hours alone with me. He hugged me and cried on my couch about some personal things and I was so nice. Now I think that he touched me and sat with me and my wallet was on the counter and … omgosh so much went through my mind. I should have paid my plumber to come and do this, but he offered to help me and he was a friend of a good friend.
Went with Paul and bought 2 washers. One for the Western Reserve house and one for this house. This one was a freebie though. I bought a home warranty plan for the buyer of my house and I am covered if     ANYTHING goes wrong, for one year. Lets hope the house sells before a year! And, they buyer will be covered if anything goes wrong for a year after they purchase it. Then we went back to the house where Spikey was doing his best to be friends with Chuck, Paul’s cat!! Hahaha, when I say that he is sensitive, I am dead serious. He CRIED because Chuck wouldn’t have anything to do with him!!! My baby. Then Brenden came home from work today with a 65 inch ( I think ) TV for the living room for Paul and I as a wedding gift. Surround sound , the whole nine yards. Shit if he only would have bought the dishes I would have been a happy girl.
This Baltimore BS has me so upset. I sat and watched that bitch SAY that she was giving them room to destroy, then when they DID and she was called out on it, she denied saying anything like that and blamed the Conservative Media. Man, I could pop that bitch in the mouth.
Sorry, that was Un-Christlike. Maybe you were right !!! hahah.
      Tomorrow is my day with Karlie. Some of my favorite days are spent with my great niece. Maybe we will catch a movie. She always wants to go to Uncle Pauls, but its going to rain I think, so its not a good playing outside day. A movie and some popcorn will be fun.
Off to play some Bejeweled then Chicago PD later on.


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