Monday, July 13, 2015

Wow, this has been one busy Monday.  I am exhausted and its only 7 pm. Started out early with a phone call from NTB.  "Mary, this is Scott and I was calling to confirm that you wanted 4 new tires and a front end alignment, is that correct?".. "Yes" I replied. "Okay, once we get the tires off, I will  see if anything else needs done and call you if so. If not, have a good day and we will see you at 4." All day I waited for that phone to ring. My 12 year old vehicle has had its share of troubles over the years. I purchased it new from the Hyundai  ( like Sunday ) store. In this many years, I have had 3 transmissions! Lucky for  me, I don't drive great distances, and when I lived in California, my ex always had cool cars, so whenever we went crusin', we took his fun cars. For 2 years I lived blocks from where I worked and only my last 2 years out there, did I have a long commute. Unfortunately, a long commute there, takes minutes here.  I worked probably 30 miles from our home. But, even though I didn't start til 5:30, I left at about 3:30 am to get to work, and coming home at 3, took me til 5. That was longest haul. ANYWAY, Hyundai offers a 10 year 100k mile warranty on their cars. When I lived  in California, I had TWO transmission transplants :)  . When I moved back, I had another one done!!  Where was I going with this, anyway?? OHHHHHHHH so all day I feared the worst. But, when he called me at 1 o'clock he said the car is ready. When I went in I hesitantly asked... did you find ANYTHING wrong? No maam, your car is actually in great shape... huh? There you have it. An old fart Hyundai that belongs to an old fart, has a twelve year old car in "great shape". I can't remember what I had done a couple summers ago. My JJ hooked me up with a friend of his, and even at the time, they were impressed. So, I decided today,  after 4 new tires and a front end alignment, I am going to keep her. Heck my insurance (Liability only) is only 20.oo a month. So, I'll be driving that baby til she pulls over and dies.

Paul picked me up an we went and paid on the fence. Let me just tell you, I was an idiot. The fence was $2550.oo  and because I used my card, they tacked on 65.oo as a 'charge' for using it. I should have ran home and got my check book, or went to the bank and took out the money. I could use  66.oo in my pocket. Anywho, when I got in the building, I found some amazing fences. I did pay my fence off, but ... they are going to email me a couple quotes for a little fancier fence. Like hip high, white picket fences. I really liked those, they had solar caps on the corners... very nice. But, I don't know how much money I want to part with.

So, I had to call and make an appointment for Casey. She has been throwing up since Sunday night. She, is my mouse eater... insect eater, small bird eater, and even tried to gulp down a mystery item  found in my bedroom, half eaten. For a teeny tiny chi weinie, she had a freaking appetite for the gross and disgusting. Our vet quit the     clinic and now they only have one there. They are going to fit me in before they open tomorrow morning. 8 am. I wish Eberts weren't so  incompetent. I took Spikey there a few years ago for an ear infection. FOUR MONTHS at 150 a visit and he was still sick. So... this clinic is associated with the kennel I used to work for so they cut me some slack on prices and payment. All 4 of them go there now. I know this is going to be expensive tomorrow. In 2 weeks they all go in for their shots. Last July it cost me 400 for all their shots, Grace's phenobarbital levels check ( she has epilepsy ) and check ups. That will have to wait til the first.

Then to the doctors. I LOVE every single person that works there. Everyone!! Including my DR. I told his wife " I just love him " ... she said " You can have him" hahahah. They put me on a patch for Vertigo. I have to make an appointment at my eye doctor tomorrow. I see this HUGE bright white O all the time. Sometimes its so bright I can't see. And if I turn the light on when its dark , it blinds me. So ... we'll see. OH... btw, I have lost yet another 7 lbs!!

I got a call from a girlfriend who read yesterday's blog. I have to share the story because I got so many emails from other bloggers about a comment I made.  
6. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? 
I think I will be killed. And I have a hunch who the killer will be. My family is forewarned. 

I am alright! A few years ago, I kind of took a young kid under my wing at school. He was homeless, lived in his car in the parking lot at the school. Spent his school stipend on heroin and just was kind of a drifter. Sometimes , if it were cold  or raining or snowing and we had a class together, I would get him a hotel room on Belmont Ave, get him some food. My sweet friend  worked for the hotel that I would take him to, so I would get a family discount. If it were really bad on a Friday, I would go up behind the school and get him a room for the weekend. He eventually cleaned up, with the help of some friends of mine, he got in ... or ON , a program where he was proved a place to live, he was able to work there doing laundry or what not, he had to stay clean and sober and go to church. I was ELATED. Finally, good choices, his family took him back, they let him back in school after being caught with drugs on the campus, and things were going good. Well... I have pretty much dealt with  a few people that got ... well, like this. One day, he introduced me to a girl he met. I KNEW the second I met her, she was using drugs . I was cordial, but told him, he should be clean and sober a YEAR at the least before getting  into a relationship. Next thing I know he dropped out of school, left the program and moved in with his 'love'. Not long after that, he called to ask for money. I told him no. He was doing great, working, going to school and church and was CLEAN... Late one Saturday evening SHE came to my house. Rang the doorbell a million times, so I didn't know who it was and I called the police to check it out. When they arrived, she had drugs in the car and open beer containers and 3 children. The car was running the music was THUMPING and she was LIVID. So I opened the door when the police arrived. I said "what are you doing here?". She said WE NEED SOME MONEY... Well, the police were there, one at the door with her, one checking out her car, and they asked me if I was alright with her being there at  2  am. "No, I am not". So they asked her to leave, then when she pulled out of the driveway, they arrested her. High, drunk, 3 kids in the car at that ungodly hour ...etc. When they pulled her out of the car she yelled " I WILL BE BACK, and I WILL  kill you." So ... that is who will 'off me' one day! No worries. I am moving in a month or so. Her car wouldn't make it out there!! I do see her occasionally. She lives about  a mile down the road... she flips me off whenever she sees  me. She works at the BK down the road!! Needless to say, I am sworn off Whoppers.....

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