Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten Thought Tuesdays:

  1. The time is getting closer for Bri to leave for Miami. Her and her guy are coming over tonight to hang out. Josh is crazy about her, so I know he is having a hard time too. He has one more year at Mount, and is majoring in Finances. Both his parents have Financial Companies, so maybe in a few years they will be together in FL. 
  2. Paul is pretty set on moving to the Gulf side of FL within 2 years. After all this remodeling, and no bills to pay, we ought to get a nice price for our home. 
  3. OMGosh if someone doesn't get that Camaro out of the drive on Western Reserve, I am going to buy a flame thrower !! 
  4. Well, we are going tomorrow afternoon to finish off the final details of the wedding. I have never been so excited. 
  5. Thursday night I have someone coming to buy the freezer. I am torn between selling the a/c, or taking it and putting it up in Brenden's room. We have central air there but its always hot upstairs. IDK. 
  6. Dinner with my girlfriends last night was a blast. We sat at Outback (which I HATE) for 3 hours talking and laughing. Friends. :)
  7. Today is dog food day. I bought a bag of meatballs (yes, gag) and refuse to use them after I opened the bag. So they are simmering in mushroom soup (double gag...I was supposed to make that green bean casserole at Christmas and got out of it), spinach, fresh berries and potatoes. It will be done tonight and I'll have another month's food ready for the kids! 
  8. May 30th I am having a yard sale (weather permitting) so I now have a table set up out in the garage and everything I am not taking to Western Reserve house, I am going to sell. I heard about a 'make an offer sale', I think I am going to do it that way so i don't have to bother marking prices. The less work the better. The 30th is going to be a busy day. There is a computer drop off at the Covelli Center the exact times of my sale. Paul is going to have to take mine and my sister's electronics down there himself. They will be on vacation/drop off duty that week. Bri moves into her apartment that week. They will be Miami bound !! 
  9. You know, we started this Ten Thought Tuesdays in 2005 with Yahoo's 360 blog site. I miss that! I had THE SINGLE MOST BORING JOB in the world back then in an office and that is where I was able to take my love of writing from a journal to the Web. Oh what a fun time we had in California! Shame.
  10. My visit back 'home' fared well. It was too short, but when I ordered grilled chicken salad with fries at the OX they REMEMBERED!!! Hahahaha. Sometimes I wish I could take all of that time and make it right. I loved my mother in law, and cousins BB and Sean, impromptu drives down Ventura Blvd and THE PCH. Why couldn't that have just been my life. I know the Lord has blessed me, and made right all the bad, but we did just have so freakin much fun. Oh well... life goes on. My visit was amazing but I secretly ... nevermind.  

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